Our Story

A 30 year strong love of dance

Lindy Hop Social Nights. Lindy Hop teachers Wendy Steatham, Temujin Gill and Sunanda Biswas are showing a group of participants how to Lindy. They are in a brightly lit room with a wooden floor and a shimmery gold curtain on the back wall

Roswitha Chesher

Founded in 1993, Greenwich Dance was established to provide a home for innovative dance creation, performance and community participation.

Occupying a unique place in the cultural landscape of South East London, it provided a place for both non-professionals and professionals to move, watch and create within a wide-ranging portfolio of activities including classes, performance projects, festivals and events. As such we consistently created opportunities for people to make, watch and take part in dance, regardless of age, experience or background.

Our programmes championed access and inclusion by using the arts and dance to challenge preconceptions and celebrate differences. It supported social cohesion, integration and well-being whilst creating moving moments of joyous colour and movement. It contained high quality training for community practitioners, artist development projects to support independent artists and companies and progression routes to support a skilled workforce for the creative industries. And it was built on strong partnerships and collaborations as we worked together with our neighbours to create a rich cultural offer for Greenwich and beyond.

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What they say about us

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“It’s really exciting because there is always something new to learn, new choreography. I especially like it when we have some guest performers in or choreographers who can teach us different styles of dance.”

Kaylyn, Lotus Company Member

Today I had my first contemporary dance class with Greenwich Dance and it felt amazing! (I mean I'm terrible at it, but I had so much fun). Thanks for offering dance classes at such affordable rates

Francesca Gallo

There are a few dance styles that I would love to explore more in depth in the future as dance is a universal language connecting people and places and promoting wellbeing and a sense of belonging. I am very grateful for this gift and I will never stop learning and practising. Thank you Greenwich Dance!


The leaders were great and engaged well with the girls throughout the day. The tasks were all accessible for the students to do and there was a variety of tasks on offer.

Hannah Morrell, Blackheath High School, Limitless: Female Empowerment Project


The Board

Martha Oakes (Chair)

Leo Thorn Gent

Simon Leach

Catriona Rayner