NRg Dance Programme

News | 31 May 2019

Greenwich Dance delivers an ever-growing dance activity programme for children and young people called NRgDance. The programme takes its inspiration from hip hop, street and contemporary dance and is fully inclusive, free and available at various locations around the borough.

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Navigating the past year. Dancers in the studio cover their eyes with one hand and reach out with the other.

Navigating the past year

07 November 2023
Remembering a glorious Summer in the Park. Two dancers in red and gold have their hands raised. They are outside and it is raining.

Greenwich Dance announces closure

23 October 2023
Remembering a glorious Summer in the Park. An outdoor event is taking place with dancers in colourful skirts twirling on a flat stage. In front, an audience member is smiling and joining in the fun.

Remembering a glorious Summer in the Park

13 October 2023