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Greenwich Dance launches third series of its Talking Moves podcast

28 April 2021

A group of older dancers stretch their hands out in front

Greenwich Dance to receive further Culture Recovery Funds

07 April 2021

A male dancer on a blacked out stage

Audition Notice: Rendez-Vous Dance

06 April 2021

A group of people in a park stretch their arms up to the sky

Stride On Time

31 March 2021

A man in a yellow tshirt dances outside in the sunshine. Behind him is an old building and a crowd of people

ArtsUnboxed: Touring ideas, not people

15 March 2021

A man in a top hat stands in a park with a colourful maypole behind him. Behind the maypole there is a small white marquee

Design the cultural community YOU want to live in!

08 March 2021

Talking Moves title with pink sound wave underneath

Greenwich Dance Announces Third Series of Talking Moves

03 March 2021

A woman with raised arms and a man crouching in front of a house

Greenwich Dance announces ArtsUnboxed

27 January 2021

Head and torso of Temujin Gill (left) and head of Kate Scanlan (right)

Introducing Temujin Gill and Kate Scanlan

26 January 2021

Left image of Pervez in hip hop freeze. Right image of Kate Scanlan's head

Introducing Pervez Live2Break and Scanners Inc

22 January 2021

Headshots of Joss Arnott (left) and Phil Hargreaves (right). The images are black and white

Introducing Joss Arnott and Phil Hargreaves

22 January 2021

Head shots of Sarah Blanc (left) and Emma Abbey (right)

Introducing Sarah Blanc and Emma Abbey

19 January 2021