Joss Arnott Dance dancer with blue hair leaping

What’s in Your Box? Joss Arnott Dance

06 May 2021

ArtsUnboxed. A dancer in a doodled costume poses on a leather chair

What’s in Your Box? NOCTURN

16 April 2021

Anna Williams and Tom Roden jumping up with some children and cardboard boxes behind them

What’s in Your Box? Anatomical

09 April 2021

A woman in a white hat crouching with some children

10 minutes with Colleen Joseph

29 January 2021

A woman jumping with arms pushed back and hair splayed out

10 Minutes with Vivian Triantafyllopoulou

22 January 2021

A woman with her back to the camera reaches up. another woman behind her has her hand to her head

10 minutes with Renée Bellamy

15 January 2021

Dance film - 'Eclipse'. A short film by Tutiana Varca

10 minutes with Titiana Varca

17 December 2020

Close-up of an older woman's hands wringing

10 minutes with Joanna Weller

15 December 2020

A collage of stills from The Reeds by Sara Augieras

10 minutes with Sara Augieras

10 December 2020

Montage of different dancers standing in a 'T' pose

10 minutes with Ruth Anna Phillips

05 December 2020

Mathieu Geffré

10 Minutes with Mathieu Geffré (in lockdown)

03 June 2020

10 Minutes with Temujin Gill (in Lockdown)

10 Minutes with Temujin Gill (in Lockdown)

13 May 2020