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Ragtime to Grime the Blog - Sunanda Biswas

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Sunanda Biswas

Ragtime to Grime Characters: Narrator (Sprit of Jazz) / Selfie / Blackout

My name is Sunanda Biswas. I am one of UK's longest active B-girl's and founder of 'FLOWZAIC' crew in 2005 - UK's All-Female Breaking crew.

My aka - ‘BGIRL SunSun’ has performed, battled, judged and hosted at some of the biggest Hip Hop, Lindy-Hop / Jazz and B-boy events. I was co-choreographer for the NHS segment of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and now the Associate Director of 'GROUNDED MOVEMENT’ which myself and long term colleague & lindy-hop partner - Temujin Gill created after working with so many talented dancers during the Olympics. I am also the founder of B-boy Crew ‘GROUNDED UK ‘ which is an intergenerational crew with dancers aged from 7 all the way up to 49 years old.

In the current piece of Ragtime to Grime, my character crosses over from being a narrator as I am mainly rapping and doing spoken word, to being an alto ego of the characters ‘Selfie’ and ‘Blackout’. As the narrator, my character is the ’Spirit of Jazz’ where I do a ‘happy ragtime‘ rap and spoken word section, which Temujin and TY wrote together.

To be Continued...

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