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North Star with Thomas Goodwin

There's no point in working in a profession that holds us back from life itself. How do we use the inner compass to identify what we find truly satisfying in dance? This workshop aims to navigate towards the livelihood we truly want through physical exercises, discussion and reflection.

This full-day workshop starts by moving together in an extended improvisation based class. This is followed by sessions on developing our ability to identify what we desire and to ask for what we need to move forward, using mind mapping, discussion and group resourcing exercises.

This full-day workshop is for dance artists aged 18+


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Class tutor

Thomas Goodwin

Thomas teaches movement, contemporary dance and floor work. He has assisted and facilitated community dance projects with Protein Dance and Rosemary Lee Projects, and sometimes performs. He has an ongoing practice of embodiment, meditation, nature connection, straight-talking and diving into the heart of the matter.

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