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NRg Coldharbour (13-19 years)

Join us at Coldharbour Community Centre every week and have fun making dances together with your peers!

This is the perfect class if you want to learn inventive, high energy Hip Hop and Street Dance routines, but are also interested in how you make your own creative and unique movement. Our dance artist will teach you about the relationship between dance and music, timing and space as well as how to work together as a team and how to look after your body by warming up and cooling down safely.

"Dancing makes me feel free and it unlocks things I never knew I had in me" Priscilla, aged 18, member of NRg

Glyndon Community Centre,
William Barefoot Drive,
Mottingham, SE9 3JD

To register for the class please book using the link on the right

Classes are offered FREE of charge to all and can be booked half termly.

We are dependent on additional support to keep the programme free, so if you are able to make a small financial contribution, please do so at checkout by using the ‘donate’ button. Thank you for your support.

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NRg Coldharbour
Photo by Daniel Martin