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Suitable for beginners with limited fitness and flexibility as well as experienced yogis, Yin yoga is a deep, still, mindful practice, offering the opportunity to rest in simple, accessible postures for an extended period of time (up to five minutes). This enables a meditative awareness and a long, slow extension of the body, unwinding compacted fascia and unknotting and releasing muscles.

The emphasis is on looking inwards and fostering awareness of what's happening in the whole person through the body. This is a relaxing and revitalising form of yoga, offering a chance to stretch, breathe, settle your attention in your body, and take time to focus on yourself. Wear warm layers, as your temperature is likely to drop as you move into stillness.

  • Mats are provided, or you can bring your own
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in
  • Strictly no admittance after 18.30
  • This course is for ages 18+
  • This is a 5-week course between Mon 5 June - Mon 3 Jul.

No admittance after

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Yoska Bosch

At the age of sixteen Yoska attended her first yoga class. Since then she experimented with various yoga styles and different types of dance. It was not until after getting her bachelor’s degree that her strong passion for yoga turned in to her life purpose.

Yoska travelled to India to practice yoga in an ashram. India led her to Bali, where she did a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher training and then travelled to Nepal to deepen her knowledge of Buddhism and meditation. After three years of travelling and developing as a yogi she has chosen the UK as a home base where she has been teaching regular classes since.

Yoska believes in the importance of being humble in her teaching and remaining open to development. She attends workshops and trainings to keep enriching and improving her yoga practice. Her goal is to inspire her students to become aware of their inner space and acceptance. Her classes are nurturing, mindful, grounding, and gentle.

Class calendar

No class - Bank Holiday Monday