Limitless – Female Empowerment Project

You dancers crouched and ready to perform

With young people’s use of social media increasing and our national obsession with reality TV and celebrity culture showing no sign of abating, Limitless sets out to explore issues of body image, identity and self-confidence for young women today.

We know that young women have more opportunities now than ever before to be problem solvers and to make the world a better place and yet we also know that the messages they receive about the role they can play in our future is confused.

Magazines, pop videos and social media bombard them with images of the type of women they feel they ‘should’ be. Some of these images are empowering, others not so and it is becoming increasingly complex for young women to navigate between the two.

Limitless sets out to support young women to find their inner strength and balance this with their outer strength in order to find a ‘me’ they are happy with being.

• To increase self-expression using dance as a tool
• To create appreciation of the body and its capabilities
• To increase self confidence and self esteem
• To encourage young women to support and respect each other.

Limitless would contribute to the Children and Young People Engagement criteria for the Artsmark Award.

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