30 years in pictures: Fin Walker and Katharine Markee

30 years in pictures | 16 August 2023

30 years in pictures: Fin Walker & Katherine Markee. A colourful but blurred image of a dancer leaning back and pushing one foot out in front

Fin Walker by Chris Nash

Photographed on the stage area of the main hall, this was part of a shoot commissioned by Walker Dance to generate publicity images for a new work, Reasons for Knocking.  Fin improvised under a mix of flash and tungsten lighting, which, combined with a slowish shutter speed, gave this blurred, painterly effect.”

Chris Nash  

Reasons for Knocking solo was the first funded solo I made as a professional artist. It was part of a trilogy, inspired by the book of the same title written by video installation artist Bill Viola. His creations intensely moving and thought provoking, interrogating human consciousness, birth, life, death, spirituality and the elements. Mirroring my own interests and fascinations.  

When Chris and I did the shoot, I hadn’t yet formulated the choreographic language just a few of the ideas. I improvised around these ideas and Chris managed to capture a number of moments on camera. This is 1 of 3 images that I love. Chris has an incredible eye, one that sees beyond the form and captures the essence of the artist. My vulnerability and my desire to confront who I am, or who I was then, caught on camera. 

The image was taken in the Borough Hall. I loved creating in that space. I made a number of works with the support of Brendan and his magnificent team. ‘Family’ is a word I would use to describe my relationship with GDA throughout those years of my career. It was always a ‘coming home’ full of love and support. I don’t often look back, but as I remember right here, right now, GDA helped me bring my dreams and desires into reality. Forever grateful.”

Fin Walker 

30 years in pictures: Finn Walker & Katharine Markee. A black and white image of a dancer leaping with both hands above her head and her left foot tucked underneath her

Katharine Markee by Chris Nash

Commissioned by Dance 4 and shot on the stage of the Minor Hall, I remember being struck by Katharine’s raw energy as soon as she came into the room, which prompted me to use this stark, pared back lighting.”

Chris Nash  

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