Freedom is…

Festivals | 01 August 2022

Freedom is... Pages from a poem have been attached to a tree with a thin rope. A leaf is pegged to one of the pages. Just behind the tree, we see a child looking at the pages

On Saturday 30 July, our Family Story Walk in Greenwich Park celebrated the life of former enslaved African and poet Phillis Wheatley. During the one hour session with artists Maria Ghoumrassi and Juwon Ogungbe, the participants were urged to come up with their own collective poem. This is what they wrote:

Freedom is

A tree in the wind
A long path with no end
Tweet, tweet, tweet!
The whistling wind
The big open salty sea
Fresh baked chocolate cookies
Juicy sweet oranges
A pine cone
Smooth like water running through your hands
Feeling your friend’s hand and fresh cut grass

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