From Theo with Love

From Greenwich with Love | 09 July 2021

This summer, Greenwich Dance will be celebrating love in all its forms with From Greenwich with Love a new work by award-winning choreographer and Rendez-Vous dance artistic director Mathieu Geffré.

From Greenwich with Love will include a series of love duets based on real Greenwich based love stories told by the community and performed by six amazing professional dancers. 

Meet Theo, one of the cast members, where he shares all things love and life with us here at Greenwich Dance.

From Theo with Love

All I believe in is food and myself – Action Bronson

What does Love mean to you?

Without wishing to sound lazy, I would say it’s pretty widely understood that love isn’t something justified by words. We feel it, we agree that no two people necessarily feel it in the same way, but we rarely feel the need to describe it. In its simplest form, love is to feel affection for someone or something, alot.

What’s your favorite Love song?

Picture Cards Can’t Picture You – Blaze Foley

What movie title best describes your life/love life?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dog or Cat person?

I like both…

When did you encounter dance as a practice? Was it love at first sight?

I started training as a break-dancer – No

Sun/Moon/Rising? (Zodiac placements if you know…)

I think i’m a cancer… I don’t really believe in astrology

How Different was your life one year ago?

I was travelling a lot more, I miss that. I felt more free before Brexit and COVID made travelling abroad so much harder. Otherwise – I cooked less and danced more

What’s the first thing you did when the restrictions lifted that you couldn’t do before?

I went round to my friends house for a meal and an evening of board games, pretty wild night!

What does your name mean?

God… Theodore means Gift of God.

Did you find love (from a distance) during the pandemic?


Do you think once you love someone you will ALWAYS love them? Or do you think love can fade?

Love can fade but that doesn’t mean you don’t always feel love for someone you once did. I definitely feel like I’ll always love the people that I’ve loved so far.

Describe your perfect date night (romantic or platonic)

Fancy food and plenty of drinks

What’s the last show you binged?

Master Chef or Task Master

What’s your love language? (Quality time, Physical touch, Giving/receiving gifts, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service)

I like cooking together, so giving/receiving food

What memory do you replay the most?

I cried in the toilet on my 15th birthday because I wasn’t allowed to play guitar hero, my brother and sister pushed cake through the gap under the door

Share the last photo you took without the context

What’s something you hope never changes?


Do you have a date location recommendation in Greenwich?

Up the Creek – Thursday Night – The Black Out

Catch Theo and the rest of the outstanding cast members perform in From Greenwich with Love on the dates listed here.

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