Hello from AiR Artist Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi

Artist Insight | 23 March 2023

Hello from AiR Artist Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi. Maria has dark hair and wears glasses. She is standing on one leg and has her arms outstretched to her sides. She is smiling. Behind her, a participant with long grey hair, a grey tshirt and black leggings is attempting to follow her lead.

Artist in Residence (AiR) Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi tells us about her journey with Greenwich Dance

“I began working with Greenwich Dance in 2006, teaching an adult contemporary dance class influenced by dances of the African Diaspora. Since then, I have enriched my repertoire in working with a wide range of groups from baby and parents to older dancers, including professional dancers and people with additional needs. Greenwich Dance has given me a platform to learn and to develop my practice with this diverse community.

The Artist in Residence (AiR) scheme is continuing to develop my skills in working with such a vast range of people that I encounter in the various places of work where Greenwich Dance is currently based. The constant challenge of how to make dance accessible to another person who is not me, has a different body and a different life experience.

The AiR programme has made my relationship with the producer a little deeper. We keep each other updated dealing with situations as they arise. It is a team effort. By having more sessions my creative tools are much more at the forefront of my mind so when an unexpected event happens I feel more at easy dealing with it.

At times I am able to get to know participants after class, however, the travelling times between the venues is sometimes challenging. Organising my own personal timetable is still a challenge. So, it is taking me some time to adapt to the changes, but I can slowly feel I can get to a routine if I plan well.

The financial arrangement is giving me a valuable opportunity for me to feel more relaxed as a provider for my family. I would like to continue to develop as a teacher and educator and would love to slowly develop my own work as a choreographer supported by Greenwich Dance.

My approach to the Dance for Wellbeing programme comes from own personal experience in finding healing from various approaches drawn from a diversity of cultures. I intend to deepen this approach and continue learning from others.

AiR is a great opportunity to continue to develop yourself as an artist and individual.”

Who's Who

Photo of Maria Ghoumrassi's head

Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi

Dancer, choreographer, educator and movement director

Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi works through multidisciplinary arts to develop intercultural performance and has extensive experience working with a diversity of groups ranging from early years to older dancers, including performers and people with disabilities.

She was in the original cast of The Lion King and has performed with various companies including TV work. She has recently performed for Tate Modern and The London College of Fashion.

She has worked for Greenwich Dance for over 10 years as artistic director of  our Performance Company for Adults, Lead artists for our Dance for Wellbeing programme,  Maria also delivers professional and community classes.


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