Life in Lockdown: Day Three w/ Society of Strays

Life in Lockdown | 21 October 2020

Two people wearing wigs shouting.

Day Three: ‘LP’

Hello again and welcome back to day 3 of #GDLifeinLockdown, Andy here from @societyofstrays. Today I’m going to share with you what I have been up to this morning. A little outing to do some dancing in a public space eeek… always gets the nerves going and with good reason, in one shot I had a man approach and ask me if everything was ok and if I needed help… the dancing must have truly been something! To be honest I never watch myself back, I am far too critical… like that gentleman. After spending a week researching a new character I went to film some dancing at the train station. The idea of catching a train at speed in the background and juxtaposing this in tempo and quality of movement that is more fluid and rounder with a less finite destination was the aesthetic I had in mind. In London we are all aware that catching a work train in the morning can be for want of a better word STRESSFUL at times. They are crammed with no space and claustrophobia is not an option or someone else’s proximity. So, I wanted to use both these elements in a shot to capture these feelings or something to that affect.

As the lockdown has been eased it is finally a relief to be able to get out into a space and catch something other than a room or baron place in my garden, which in lockdown I have really done up so there is limited space to catch feelings and ideas we’ve wanted. We have very limited resources and somehow for our research we’ve enjoyed the limitations as we have wanted to be honest to what it has meant, this moment in time, how have we existed alone together, well with two smartphones and me sat on imovie like a madman following my nose. It’s probably not the safest idea to dance on a station platform so please don’t try this at home if one felt the urge, and if you do for goodness sake STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE.

So, LP is a new character we have been devising and now I have begun filming him catching improvisation and giving him life. The video will appear soon on our IGTV channel Instagram page @societyofstrays very soon so do keep a look out. Filming him has been a delight, so much fun to create and become… and keeping me sane.

See you tomorrow and thanks for checking in. For now, enjoy some platform dancing and the birth of LP aka Little Pete.

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