Lindy Hop Tutorial 3 – The Big Apple Solo Moves

Social Nights | 25 May 2022

Lindy Hop Tutorial 3 – The Big Apple Solo Moves
Led by professional dance artist and educator Wendy Steatham

In this tutorial, we explore solo moves and a little history about The Big Apple. We learn some more iconic moves including Fall Off the Log, Sit Down Suzy, Boogie Back and Boogie Forward, with a seated translation also provided.

Who's Who

Photo of Wendy Steatham's head with blurred background of foliage

Wendy Steatham

Wendy is a professional dance artist and educator whose career has included roles as a performer, mass movement choreographer, movement and rehearsal director, teacher, lecturer, and company manager. Currently working primarily in education, she specialises in developing and supporting the delivery of the primary curriculum through dance and the performing arts. She works on the education teams of Trinity Laban and DanceEast and is a long-standing Mentor Leader and specialist with Artis Foundation. As a freelance education consultant her work regularly takes her to South Korea, where she trains teachers from across the country to enhance and develop their creative teaching skills.

Wendy’s roles as a dancer and choreographer have included work in film and theatre as well as in art galleries and stadiums. A highlight of her career was working as part of the Mass Movement team for the London Olympic and Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2011 and 2012, a role which included co-leading the audition and rehearsal process and directing large-scale cast rehearsals.

Wendy was introduced to Lindy Hop back in 2002, while working at Greenwich Dance and observing the rehearsals of Temujin Gill and Sunanda Biswas. She went on to learn the technique and appreciate the rich history of this vibrant jazz dance through working alongside Temujin and Sunanda and their company Grounded Movement, which produces work inspired by African derived, social and street dance culture. She has been teaching Lindy Hop for the last decade and is passionate about sharing the history as well as skills of the dance form.

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