Riverside Ballet Class

Meet the Team | 30 July 2018

An outdoor ballet class in Woolwich Arsenal

Chenube here! It’s the second week in to my post as Community and Outreach Coordinator for Greenwich Dance and what a start it has been! For those of you that may not have known, we were temporarily based in Building 18 in Royal Arsenal. Although my time there was very short, I joined the team in wanting to bid a farewell to Woolwich and did this by coordinating a very quick shout-out on social media for dancers to join us for an impromptu Riverside Ballet Class last Tuesday.

We had 17 dancers turn up from all over London to partake in our ballet class over-looking the Thames and we had the pleasure of class being led by the brilliantly creative Bim Malcomson, who graced us with her well-received enthusiasm and energy.

Bim kicked things off with pliés and tendu’s as we watched planes take off and land at nearby London City Airport. There was much laughter and giggling throughout, particularly when a group of swans glided past….which lead to jokes about our very own Swan Lake!

After an intense session at the barre, Bim then led the class in to improvisation where she had the participants explore geometry and tracing the space around them with their movement. This was so beautiful to watch as the dancers developed this further and danced their way around Peter Burke’s Assembly Sculptures down by the pier.

This captured the attention of many passersby and even got a few little ones to join in! (Aww)

Thank you to everyone that came to the Riverside Ballet Class. It was lovely to have a chat with you all afterwards over orange juice and croissants and it was great to hear all your lovely feedback about the session and your continued support towards the future of Greenwich Dance.

There are exciting times ahead for Greenwich Dance, starting with the relaunch of our Professional Classes scheduled to commence in early October. Please do keep a look out on our website for more information.

I very much look forward to liaising with you all soon and can’t wait to witness and be a part of the new and exciting things Greenwich Dance have to offer.

Chenube x

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