Talking Moves Series 2 Episode 3: Measuring Our Impact

Talking Moves | 12 February 2021

In Measuring Our Impact, we talk to Zoie Golding and Anthony Missen about the ways in which artists make a difference and the metrics we measure this by.

Inspired by the book, ‘The Art of Relevance’, by museum director Nina Simon, Melanie asks her guests why their work matters and to whom. They discuss ‘insiders’ – their loyal curators, artists, audience and participants who ‘get them’. And the ‘outsiders’ – people who may not know their work is out there and whom they strive to reach. Zoie also reflects on the outsiders who are inside – the ones who are close to us who also struggle to ‘get’ what we do…

We talk about permission and ethics and the trap so many of us fall into of ‘crashing’ into communities uninvited. Anthony and Zoie both reflect upon the numerous times they have needed to throw their lesson plans away and read the room and the permission they had to give themselves to do this. Anthony suggests that by evaluation we simply mean conversation and we discuss how easy this is to enable post-performance.

Finally, we ponder whether metrics of success, so often number driven, have changed at all in response to the crisis we are all living through now.


Who's Who

Black and white photo of Zoie Golding's head

Zoie Golding

Zoie is an accomplished Producer, Director and Choreographer, with 20 years experience in the arts sector in the UK and worldwide.

She is the founder and Artistic Director of FuzzyLogic male youth dance company (2000) and ZoieLogic Dance Theatre (2011) nationally recognised for effectively challenging the perceptions of men in dance, how dance is presented and who dance is for.

Before moving into the role of Artistic Director, Zoie produced over 300 events in the UK and across the world involving over 45,000 young people each year as Producer for Global Rock Challenge (2000 -2013).

Zoie’s work is about taking risks, breaking down barriers and communicating ideas clearly and boldly. She is passionate about nurturing talent and committed to creating significant social change through dance.

Zoie and her company are proud to be an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), Resident company of MAST, Associate Artist of The Mayflower Theatre and Pavilion Dance South West and Honorary Fellow of the University of Winchester.
Black and white photo of Anthony Missen's head and shoulders

Anthony Missen

Anthony is a Clore Fellow, a Without Walls Board Director, and a member of the Greater Manchester Culture Steering Group. He is a founding Director of New Movement Collective and co-founder of Company Chameleon.

He received formal training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and went onto dance with companies including Scottish Dance Theatre, Mad Dogs Dance Theatre, Cie. Willi Dorner (Vienna), and choreographers including Rui Horta, Didi Veldman and Liv Lorent.

He was Movement Director for Dundee Rep Theatres production of Playhouse Creatures (2007), Romeo and Juliet (2008) for the 2015 Production of Oresteia at HOME Manchester, and most recently for Terra, the first National Theatre connections play to incorporate movement.

Anthony has taught in most major British contemporary dance institutions, to several professional dance companies and in many countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Israel, Trinidad, Morocco, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria. He has led many Choreographic and skills-based Residencies.

He has worked as a facilitator for The National Theatre for their Theatre Nation Partnerships programme.

He co-founded Company Chameleon in 2007, producing and choreographing critically acclaimed performance works both for the stage and outdoor contexts. He has developed many successful educational programmes in different countries, with a particular focus on young men, disadvantaged children and children at risk.

Anthony has made touring works for La Mov (Spain), Norrdans (Sweden) and most recently Ballett-Theater Chemnitz (Germany).

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