The Perfect Picnic – Y on the Lake

Festivals | 15 June 2023

The Perfect Picnic - Y on the Lake. A delicious line up of wraps with humous and rocket

Summer in the Park is back! And this year, we’re offering you some inspiration to jazz up your picnic basket by approaching some of the leading chefs, restaurants and food services in Greenwich & Bexley.

This week’s picnic inspiration comes from Y on the Lake.

We at the Y on the lake love picnics as they are about having food with friends or family, telling stories, let kids play next to you while having a cup of tea/coffee and just enjoy the weather and the countryside.

What would you pack in your picnic?

I will grab one of our home-made chicken pittas with the Asian slaw and one of our lovely ice caramel lattes.

What is your fail-safe picnic recipe?

Roasted Red Peppers hummus

3 whole red peppers

1x 800g. of chickpeas washed and drained

2 cloves of garlic

1 table spoon of tahini

2 tea spoons of smoked paprika

1 table spoon of lemon juice

80 ml. of olive oil

Blend all together and season with salt! Enjoy! You can have some carrot or bread sticks to dip in.

What can people buy from Y on the Lake for their picnics?

They can buy one of our red peppers humus, sweet potatoes and halloumi home made wraps and I can share our hummus recipe with them

Who's Who

The Perfect Picnic: Y on the Lake. A lovely cafe with wooden floors and bench seating

Y on the Lake

If you are looking for the perfect spot for a lunch date or simply want lunch or coffee on the go, make The Y on the Lake your first port of call!

We offer a wide range of food to suit all tastes & dietary requirements. This includes toasted muffins filled with poached egg, avocado or cured streaky bacon.  How about homemade pitta bread with red pepper hummus, spiced sweet potato, spinach & halloumi for lunch?  There are lots of tasty toppings to choose from and food is all made fresh to order! We also offer a range of cakes, delicious pastries and hot & cold drinks are available.

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