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Up My Street ONLINE! ZoieLogic Dance Theatre

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WORLD PREMIERE - Thursday 25 June, 6pm

Film 1: ZoieLogic Dance Theatre presents Unshackled - A SLEUTH Spin Off

Coming soon from our living room to yours, Up My Street ONLINE! is a series of digital dance performances created by Zoie Golding of ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, Matthieu Geffré of Rendez-Vous Dance, Temujin Gill of Grounded Movement and Sarah Blanc.

In this episode, the first of four, we meet Zoie Golding, Artistic Director of ZoieLogic Dance Theatre who will be telling us about her use of technology and 360 cameras in her work, her passion for getting guys dancing and the making of her spin off dance-for -camera piece inspired by her existing, interactive show Sleuth.

Detective Miller has been captured... In an empty unknown warehouse searching for clues and Eric asks: Where am I? Who took me? What could they want?

Zoie calls upon a group of self-isolating Greenwich residents to help….