Up My Street with Sarah Blanc

Up My Street | 06 March 2020

Photo of Sarah Blanc's head with blurred trees in the background

Tell us a bit about you and your work

I am a choreographer and performer. I currently create work on my company Moxie Brawl and solo work on myself, in addition to accepting commissions of various scales and work with other artists or companies as an assistant choreographer and movement director. Moxie Brawl is a fresh all female inclusive dance theatre company that creates work for outdoors, indoors and places where dance shouldn’t be. I am Irish and have lived in London for over 10 years! Gosh I am getting old.

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Photo: Roswitha Chesher

What will you be bringing to Up My Street?

So for Up My Street, I will be bringing my hosting. Introducing each of the acts and bringing the Greenwich Dance magic to each space. I am super excited and honoured to be on the road with all these awesome acts. I love hosting so this is literally right ‘up my street’….. sorry I had to go there.

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Photo: Claire Nash

You are used to performing in theatres and for this you will be in a community centre with minimal lights and technical support. Why is this important to you?

It is super important to me that the work I make can fit into a range of spaces. Although I am not presenting work on this tour, I am super proud to be part of it. The only way I ever learnt about performance was through local theatre companies and youth groups coming into my estate. Greenwich Dance do some much amazing stuff and always have. This is going to be such a good way of spreading the word about what they do and all the amazing artists that they love and work with.

Your face looks familiar… didn’t we see you in GLORIA? What was that all about?

Ha! Yes! I was in GLORIA! I was all over GLORIA!…. I was asked by Greenwich Dance and filmmaker Roswitha Chesher to do movement direction and to perform in their new dance film. The aim of the dance film was to let everyone know what Greenwich Dance was up to. That they have lots of things that you can get involved in and to come on in. Well, it turned into an epic creation thanks to the brain of Ros. We did not know what to expect as the concept kept evolving within the process. I played ‘myself ‘ (ish- a dancer who was in Gloria’s film) in the dance film along with playing GLORIA!…… I must admit- creating GLORIA! (the character) was so much fun! I really enjoyed it.

What other work are you doing at the moment and how can we find out more about you and your upcoming shows?

I am currently in research for a new family show, collaborating with Brigitte Aphrodite and Quiet Boy and awesome performers Tanja Erhart, Kitty Fedorec and Kirsty Green. The show is a gig but theatre but dance! I am really enjoying the research at the moment and we will be creating the show at the end of the year. Later in the year I will be begin work on a new solo dance comedy show. After starting to do some stand up, I am quite excited to see what this will turn into. As a freelance choreographer/movement director you can see some of my work on artists Bryony Kimmings and Dance Daw who are both touring till summer. I am also on tour with my current solo show MFB. Go to www.sarahblanc.com to find out the where’s, whose and whats!

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Photo Claire Nash

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