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What to Watch | 10 August 2020

Here are some more awesome dance videos from across the internet.

Feature Length

1. Luca Silvestrini's Protein - (In)Visible Dancing

Filmed at Stockton International Riverside Festival 2018, Protein’s emergent, participatory street performance unites professional performers and musicians with the local community.


Dance On Screen

2. Freefall Dance Company - We Are Here

Created in collaboration with former Birmingham Royal Ballet Principals Jenna Roberts and Iain Mackay and choreographed by Luke Fisher, this serene film was inspired by its setting – Lunt Fort in Coventry.


Created in Quarantine

3. Scottish Ballet - Indoors

With 28 doors and 36 dancers, Indoors is a playful new work by Sophie Laplane, set to Mozart’s ‘Papageno, Papagena’. Rehearsed via Zoom and recorded in lockdown, the short film is a masterpiece in timing. We do not envy the film editor who had to piece all of the footage together!


Under 5 minutes

4. Academia Acosta Danza - ¡Arriba la esperanza!

The students of Acosta Danza Academy in Havana spread their message of hope during lockdown by doing what they do best – dancing! With music by Miguel Núñez.


Catch It While You Can

5. María Pagés - An Ode to Flamenco

As part of the BBC Danceworks series in collaboration with Sadler’s Wells, legendary flamenco dancer María Pagés prepares to take an innovative new show to the traditional home of flamenco, Seville. Watch on the BBC iPlayer for the next 9 months.
Here’s a trailer:


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