What to Watch

What to Watch | 08 February 2021

Here’s another superb list of dance films to keep you warm this week:

Under 5 Minutes

1. Teach Damsa / Michael Keegan Dolan - Swan Lake / Loch na hEala short film

Based on his live full length stage work of the same name, Michael Keegan-Dolan’s short film takes place entirely underwater and features haunting music by Slow Moving Clouds.


Created in Quarantine

2. Wendy Houstoun - Playing Musical Statues Round Mine

Choreographer Wendy Houstoun perfectly demonstrates the madness in lockdown for people living alone with her series of short videos where she parties with herself. We’ve picked this one as it is funny and has dance in it, but check out her YouTube channel for such gems as Hypnosis Round Mine and Sawing Myself in Half Round Mine. Genius.


Dance On Screen

3. Gillian Zinser / Andy Sousa - Be A Man

We are loving watching this film as the snow comes down outside, partly because its Cuban street scenes remind us that Summer will come one day, but also for its positive message about beating toxic masculinity.

In Case You Missed It

4. Salah - Magic China

This Breakin’ Convention commission shows the art of Finger Tutting at its best. A living legend in the world of hip hop dance, the French performer Salah of the formidable Vagabonds Crew is a master popper, locker, b-boy, clown and all round entertainer.


Feature Length

5. New Adventures & Tea Films - Little Grasses Crack Through Stone

New Adventures and Tea Films bring to life the stories of three women in this film inspired by Sylvia Plath’s little known radio play ‘Three Woman: A poem for Three Voices’.


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