What to Watch

What to Watch | 05 July 2021

Take a look at this week’s magical list of amazing dance to watch on screen! If you’ve got a film you’d like us to feature in What to Watch, get in touch!

Under 5 Minutes

1. Scottish Ballet - The Shimmering Extraordinary: Maddy

Scottish Ballet First Principal Maddy Squire talks about getting back into dancing following a neurological attack in 2017. Commissioned as part of Scottish Ballet’s Safe to Be Me™ Festival 2021


In Case You Missed It

2. Rosas - Rosas danst Rosas

This classic piece of choreography by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker has become pretty iconic. Here it is in a short film from 2013, directed by Thierry de Mey. If you’re going to try this at home, don’t make our mistake and be sure to leave plenty of space for the headbanging!


Dance On Screen

3. Breakin' Convention Pro:Files - Angyil McNeal

Kansas City’s Angyil McNeal jams on the streets of Islington to P Diddy’s Special Delivery, in an effortlessly cool film made by Ben Williams for Breakin’ Convention in 2019.


Feature Length

4. James Cousins Company - Within Her Eyes

This stunning 15-minute film from James Cousins Company is billed as a daringly intimate glimpse into a secluded world of fragile dependency. We just think it’s beautiful. Enjoy!


Dance Explainer

5. Ekman’s Concise Guide to Natural Movement

If you’re going to watch one dance film this week, make it this one. San Francisco Dance Film Festival commissioned the renowned choreographer Alexander Ekman to collaborate with his favourite filmmaker T.M. Rives and create a short dance film for SFDFF’s 9th annual festival. The result is a delightfully whimsical film that we just want to watch over and over – if only for the watermelon drop!


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