What to Watch

What to Watch | 19 July 2021

Take a look at this week’s line-up of amazing dance to watch online!

Created in Quarantine

1. Calum Macdiarmid & Harry Price - A dance portrait of mental illness during lockdown

British filmmaker Calum Macdiarmid captures the reality of mental illness in a striking dance short featuring movement artist Harry Price, filmed during the height of lockdown in London last year.


Under 5 Minutes

2. Scottish Ballet - The Shimmering Extraordinary Zahra

This beautiful film is part of Scottish Ballet’s Safe to Be Me series. Featuring Hayaat Zahra Shah, a 24 year old kathak dancer from Manchester. “When I started dancing, I felt the most permanent side of me just came out. If I didn’t find dance, I wouldn’t have been the woman I am today.”


Dance Explainer

3. San Francisco Ballet - Behind the Proscenium 1: R&J Costumes

San Francisco Ballet’s head of women’s wardrobe takes us through the costumes for their touring production of Romeo & Juliet.


Dance On Screen

4. Far From the Norm - Normground

This one-shot film was created in an underpass in Toronto when Far From the Norm was on tour with Breakin’ Convention in 2018.


In Case You Missed It

5. Breakin' Convention presents Patience J Choreography - Colours

Dropped by Breakin’ Convention just last week, Patience J presents Colours, a celebratory piece exploring modern ‘Afro’ dance forms from the African diaspora like n’dombolo and azonto.


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