What to Watch October

What to Watch | 01 October 2021

Take a look at the amazing array of dance to watch online this month!

In Case You Missed It

1. McNicol Ballet Collective - Firebird Reimagined

Ballet fans will be thrilled to hear that there is a new contemporary ballet company in town. McNicol Ballet Collective are due to present their debut performances at the Bloomsbury Theatre this November. Before then, check out this film they created with Poetry Film Productions which premiered just last month.


Catch It While You Can

2. Dance Umbrella 2021

Dance Umbrella has launched a brand-new Digital Pass for their 2021 festival, which will give you exclusive access to the entire digital programme. The pass is Pay What You Can (minimum £5) and will give you access to ALL digital content within this year’s festival. Content will be released throughout the festival, and once live, all content will be available on demand until Sunday 24 October. Get in!


Under 5 Minutes

3. Jacob Jonas Company - Chambers

Audio description elevates this architectural dance film in a way that is bold, exciting, and innovative. Chambers opens up a space where disability is the starting point for art, not an addendum to it.


Dance On Screen

4. Sadler's Wells and Magnus Westwell

What do you picture when you listen to music? This raw and rhythmically driven piece takes us inside the mind of Magnus Westwell and how they visualize music. Developed following a series of creative conversations with Associate Artist Wayne McGregor, this film is part of the Sadler’s Wells Young Associates programme, which supports talented 18- to 24-year-olds for two years, providing a crucial first step into their career as choreographers. Made in collaboration with filmmaker Jacob Sutton.


Dance Explainer

5. Breakin' Convention - The Legendary Twins

Keith and Kevin Smith, better known as The Legendary Twins, were born and raised in the Bronx, New York, the birthplace of hip hop and home of The Bronx Bombers. The Twins are first generation b-boys and are credited as the first dance crew to go down to the floor with footwork and vertical moves back in the 70s.


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