What to Watch March 2022

What to Watch | 01 March 2022

Check out this month’s amazing list of dance to watch online! For this month’s edition, we have collected dance films from across the world, ranging from modern dance to a breaking battle, and we’re including a short film which went viral when it was first released. Which one is your favourite?


Under 5 Minutes

1. edifice - EDIFICE Dance Theatre

This short-film vent viral when first released and has gained more than 8 million views worldwide. You may recognize Harriet Waghorn, co-director of Edifice Dance Theatre who was featured on last month’s What to Watch. Directed by Rogerio Silva, performed and choreographed by Harriet Waghorn and Carmine De Amicis.

“Edifice is about relationships built very much like a house. Isolated forms bend, flow and connect to create a unified mass. A structure that shelters and nurtures those within.”


Created in Quarantine

2. The Time Is Now - José Limón Dance Company

For a more lengthy dance film, we are sharing The Time is Now by the José Limón Dance Company. Performed and filmed by the dancer’s of the company in different locations, it was directed and edited by Ben Fee and Kelly Puleio.

“Created in the midst of a pandemic and social unrest, The Time is Now is based on José Limón’s 1956 masterwork There is a Time. The movie explores how the timeless themes that Limón brings to life in his work are in direct relation with the realities of today.”


In Case You Missed It

3. King & Queen of the Cobblestones - B-Girl Terra & B-Boy Lil Tim v Grillz & Christi

For an inspirational little pick me up, watch these dancers battle it out in the King & Queen of the Cobblestones Semi-Finals, from the summer of 2021. The dancer’s featured are B-Girl Terra and B-Boy Lil Tim, battling against Grillz and Christi. Who would you have crowned the winner?


Catch It While You Can!

4. Feeling Thing - Candoco Dance Company & Jo Bannon

For another durational dance film, head over to Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage where you can watch Candoco Dance Company’s latest film, made in collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Jo Bannon. Available on demand until 24th of March – so make sure you check it out before then!

“Feeling Thing invites us to pay attention to the objects around us and experience them as the dancing, feeling things they are. This new film by multi-disciplinary artist Jo Bannon features three intimate duets between object and performer, with ASMR sound inviting us into an uncanny space where all things are alive.” 


Dance On Screen

5. In Ecstasy - McNicol Ballet Collective

To wrap up the March series of What to Watch, we recommend this screen dance ballet from McNicol Ballet Collective, made in collaboration with filmmaker Sam Asaert.

Shoot in the wilderness featuring the dancers of the collective, the music and playful angles of the filming and editing makes us think of Alice in Wonderland with a balletic take!


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