What to Watch July 2022

What to Watch | 01 July 2022

In celebration of Pride, this month’s edition of What to Watch includes a few stories from the dancing world that are not often told on stage. We are also sharing some recently released screen dance treats, and the final part of the three-part series we have been sharing over the past few months. We hope you enjoy! #GDWhatToWatch


Under 5 Minutes

1. Vibes - The Motion Dance Collective & Pavilion Dance Digital

This is the final part of a three part series called VIBES – a project by Pavilion Dance South West and The Motion Dance Collective, with Deaf Men Dancing. VIBES is an exploration of what happens when a deaf dancer, Vibrotactile floor and body percussion intersect.

A story in 3 parts, these behind the scenes films show what happened during a 4 day R&D at Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth. Enjoy watching the final part of this series – and don’t forget to check out the other two!

With direction and choreography by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter, performed by Hearns Sebuado and Omari ‘Motion’ Carter.


In Case You Missed It

2. The LGBTQ Dance Company Challenging Gender Norms With Ballet - Ballez & NBC

This documentary and short features how Katy Pyle, artistic director of the New York-based queer dance company Ballez, is turning traditional ideas of gender and ballet on their head. The documentary is produced by NBC.

Want to find out more about Ballez? Here is a link to their Youtube which has ballet classes for all gender identities and are aiming to cultivate a safe space, working against the hetero-normative roles and practices prevalent in classical ballet today – and here is a link to their website. 


Dance Documentary

3. The Imagination Museum - Katie Green

The Imagination Museum: Mayflower 400 (TIMM) project was a large scale, strategic touring project devised and delivered by Made by Katie Green – a contemporary dance company that develops new ways of responding to historical artefacts and heritage sites through dance.

This 10 minute video, filmed by Roswitha Chesher, gives an overview of the project and some of our key learnings, or read on for more information about our evaluation.


Dance On Screen

4. Autocorrect - Jonzi D and Saul Williams

Jonzi D presents the follow up to his film Our Bodies Back, which premiered in August 2020 and presented a powerful rendering of Black women’s voices, featuring the poetry of jessica Care moore.

This film AUTOCORRECT follows a similar stylistic form, but features three male dancers from New York, London and Kampala. All taking inspiration from the cerebral poetry of Saul Williams, supported by Soweto Kinch’s textured soundscape. With direction by Jonzi D, dance and choreography by Abdul ‘Abdanger’ Kinyenya, Drew Dollaz and Theophilus O. Bailey-Godson.


Under 5 Minutes

5. Emerging - Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

We will be ending our compilation with this beautiful teaser for the project Emerging.
Emerging centres on the relationship between Naissa, who has experienced gender dysphoria for as long as he can remember, and his mother, Daniela, as they embark on a journey into the unknown.
Combining dance, aerial skills and excerpts from letters written to each other, Naissa and Daniela harness their art to better understand both themselves and each other, as they navigate their relationship and a life-changing process.
While sensitively exploring the themes of gender, identity and representation, Emerging is a universal story about a parent-child relationship, coming of age and independence.
Teaser created by Sky Neal (she/her) at Satya Films. Artistic director & performer Daniela Essart (she/her), with collaborator & performer Naissa Essart Nielsen (he/him/they), with choreography & movement direction by Becky Namgauds (she/her).


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