What to Watch September 2022

What to Watch | 01 September 2022

For the September compilation of What to Watch, we are sharing a few oldies but goldies that you may have already seen, as well as some new releases which are only a few days old! We are sharing films that cover a range of dance styles such as waacking, tap and contemporary. Maybe one of these gets you in the mood to try out a new dance class? Let us know which one your favourite is! #GDWhatToWatch


Dance On Screen

1. EDIH - L'atisse Rhoden

This twisted and raw film touches on themes of dysmorphia and the impact that self-expectations have on health.

EDIH is part of a collection of brand new films commissioned by Sadler’s Wells from the UK’s most exciting Black artists working in dance and film.

Would you like an audio described version of EDIH? You can find a link to it here.

Creation by L’atisse Rhoden with movement and spoken word performed by Ekin Bernay. Filmed & edited by Alice Underwood with music composed by Torben Lars Sylvest.


In Case You Missed It

2. Cups Tap Dance - Chris Rice & Anna Kendrick

This old classic featuring an amazing group of tappers, performing to “Cups” sung by Anna Kendrick. Enjoy watching this uplifting routine!

Performance, direction and choreography by Chris Rice, with dancers Darien Crago, Andrew Hodge, Natasha Scearse  Kelly Sheehan, Clay Thomson and Kirstin Tucker. Cinematography by Heather Tepe and Clay Thomson.


Under 5 Minutes

3. Wings by Little Simz - Bagsy Waacking Dance

Waacking dance video performed to Little Simz track Wings at Sadler’s Wells as part of the Breakin’ Convention festival.

Showcasing Waacking and Punking with a hiphop flavor to this powerful and timeless lyrics on the rooftop of Sadler’s Wells in London.

Performed by Bagsy, who you can find at @bagsyofficial for more amazing waacking performances!



Dance On Screen

4. Environment As Self - Daphne Fernberger

The latest film by Daphne Fernberger released but a week ago. A beautiful contemporary dance piece relating to our environment as well as our own selves.

Choreography, performance and direction by  Daphne Fernberger, with cinematography by Peter Fernberger, editing by Daniel Madoff and composing by Arswain.



Feature Length

5. The Weight - Wilder Project

We will be finishing our compilation with this feature length piece from the Wilder Project. We have previously shared shorter pieces from them, so we are excited to show you this feature length!

The Weight is about how five individuals’ lives interweave through dance amidst the raw beauty of the northern Maine wilderness. This film is a journey of the emotional heaviness we pass between us as we stumble through the relationships of our lives.

With direction and choreography by Holly Wilder. Performed by Shelby Claire, Tanner Myles Huseman, Victoria Daylor, Gabriel Lawton and Santiago MacLean. Cinematography and editing by Duncan Wilder, with music by Grace Weber, Johnander Rabal, Camille, Jon Hinthorne, Peter Wise and David Darling.


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