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A day with Charlotte Spencer Projects

An in-depth and playful day-long practical workshop focusing on Charlotte Spencer’s latest work, Is this a Waste Land?, working directly with some of the practices that emerged during the creation process.

Is this a Waste Land? is an immersive performance through headphones designed for 6 performers and up to 80 audience members on disused urban sites. The nature of the work is interactive, experiential, tactile, collective and individual. It invites us to re-imagine how we value our landscape, homes and communities.

This hands-on practical workshop will be followed by a conversation with Charlotte tracking her fascinating journey in the making this ambitious new work.

Please bring a few random objects with you to use as part of the workshop - such as an old tyre, bucket, shoe, paint brush, lamp shade.

A Greenwich Dances 2017 event. Greenwich Dances is part of the Royal Greenwich Festivals, supported by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


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Photo by Pari Naderi