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Lea Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen

“a delightfully surreal theatrical gem **** ” Guardian
“the whole experience is both intriguing and uplifting from beginning to end.” Dance Tabs

Inspired by Music Hall, Ladies and Gentlemen is a witty and absorbing visual spectacle in which choreography (Lea Anderson), music (Steve Blake) and design (Tim Spooner) conjure the all but forgotten stage show of six has-been performers. Besieged by ever shifting, inscrutable and enigmatic props, Man, Woman, the Twins, Pet and the Other One present misremembered routines and hazily recollected punch-lines in a complex and tightly knit choreography of objects accompanied by sound and music they perform themselves. The result is an eccentric, surreal and often hilarious theatrical experience where regret and failure meet.

This event is presented in cabaret style.


Greenwich Dance
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