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Fiya House and HomeBros Presents POPCITY UK VOL.3

In collaboration with Greenwich Dance, Fiya House and HomeBros present POPCITY UK, an international Hip Hop dance competition for dancers to represent their city in Popping (1v1), Afrobeats (2v2), Hip Hop (1v1) and Under 16s All Styles (1v1) categories.

Fiya House is a world-renowned Popping Crew based in London, led by Brooke Milliner and Dickson Mbi. Fiya House focuses on supporting and developing the next generation of dancers in the UK. HomeBros are an up-and-coming Afrobeats Crew, also based in London, who specialise in social dances from Africa. Led by George Dukz and Kurtis Agyenkum, HomeBros have a similar aim - to nurture and enhance Afrobeat dance communities and showcase UK talent.


  • Winner of the Popping Battle (1v1) will go to Hong Kong to represent London in the Finals
  • Winner of the Under 16 All-Styles (1v1) will go to China to represent the UK at the final ‘King of Children’ Event
  • Winners of Afrobeats Battle (2v2) will receive £200 cash prize plus goodies
  • Winner of Hip Hop Battle (1v1) will receive £100 cash prize plus goodies

Merchandise will be available to purchase at the event, so you can leave in the latest threads.

POPCITY UK VOL.3 is the first Hip Hop dance event in 2018 – who will be crowned champion?


  • Doors open
Greenwich Dance
Get directions
  • T-shirts available at the event, £15 each