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The Supper Room: Project O

Nights draw in

T-shirts available in ‘Obama Black’

Dry morning raves

Millennial pink furnishings

‘voodoo’ tags all over Hackney

McDonald's partners with Whole Foods

Summer for shaking up

Winter for cocooning

It’s 2017

3rd November 8pm

A night of performance and TV, a special guest and a toast; a small ritual to welcome the winter in.

Let's eat and prepare together for our tomorrows.


Project O x

Project O is a collaboration between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small. Working from intuition, outrage, laughter and a belief in dance as a way of upsetting spaces and re-organising thought.

Hemsley and Johnson-Small look to the body as a site of politics to expose the tangible impact of a colonial history, instrumentalising cultures of fetishisation, exoticisation and fear of the other as they push for conversations about how to live with agency - and a sense of a future.

A themed supper, devised and prepared by award-winning chef Sharon Williams, is included in the price. Advance booking is essential.


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