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Our move

1 May 2018
Statement from the Board of Trustees of Greenwich Dance

On 1 May 2018 Greenwich Dance leaves the Borough Halls, the beautiful building which has been our home for the last 25 years. It has borne witness to an array of exceptional dance - performances, collaborations, classes, projects large and small - with the participation of many people and communities throughout the Royal Borough of Greenwich and beyond.

Over the years though the practical challenges of this listed building have started to outweigh the benefits. In addition Greenwich town centre has changed beyond recognition and is well provided with cultural opportunities. So we are now taking the opportunity to move further east within the Borough and become part of new places with new communities, extending opportunities for dance and to dance.

This is a challenging and difficult process which has had particular impact on our dedicated staff team. We are very aware of this and we want to thank all our staff for their commitment, perseverance and energy as we work through this period and deal with the implications of change. Reflecting the loss of Arts Council NPO funding and the building itself, we have had to reduce the staff team to a bare minimum. Many of the team have already left or leave shortly - they were all part of what has made Greenwich Dance so special. We thank them for their important contributions to Greenwich Dance. In particular we thank Kat Bridge and Amanda Davey who as joint CEOs have led us through this period. We wish all of them the very best for the future.