Pricing Policy - Pick Your Price

For all our activities, be they classes or events, Greenwich Dance is moving to a brand new pricing model

Pick Your Price

We will offer a scale of prices for the same activity and you as the participant can then pick which you can afford. This will apply for weekly classes, one-off events and will be applied to termly bookings also. 


How did you decide on the scale?

Our top price for any activity is heavily subsidised. We offer this as we are a charity and it is our job to provide you with low-cost activities which enable you to be physically and mentally active, bring you together with like-minded friends and neighbours, and help you to learn new skills. This is what we believe in and it’s why we exist.  

From that subsidised price we work downwards – offering two other low-cost prices before getting to £0.

We never want the ability to pay to prevent anyone from attending our activities. There is no eligibility criteria – anyone can opt to pay nothing and attend for free. 


What are the prices?

£8 – our top price is significantly lower than other classes and events in London

£5 – you still get the same excellent quality class or event, just at a level you feel more comfortable with.

£2 – every contribution helps

£0 – our classes and events will always be free regardless of whether you can contribute or not.

Why would I pay for something that is also offered for free?

Well, that is a good question. Let us try and explain our thinking…

Greenwich Dance is funded by a range of supporters to deliver specific projects. However, often the full cost of delivering those projects is not covered. For example, we may be able to apply to a fund to cover the cost of the class teacher’s salary but not for hiring the community centre. No one gets very excited about paying for running costs and overheads! Wherever we can we do include these costs in an ask to a funder, but it’s not always possible to do this at the right level.

The result is we get to do the work we believe in – thank you funders! – but every year we are left trying to fill a deficit in the budget. We fill this by finding ways to generate earned income and asking for donations.  

We don’t ever want the ability to pay for a class to dictate who can come as we believe our work should be accessible to everyone. A Pick Your Price model is our solution – those that can afford to pay are essentially doing so voluntarily and their contribution will go towards our running costs which in turn helps us to provide more and more similarly low-cost activities.   

This flexible and non-judgemental scheme is offered in recognition that you might be able to afford to contribute one term, and then just as the time comes to sign up for term 2 some big bills come in – new school uniform perhaps or your boiler packs up. You don’t want to miss the activity as it is a highlight of the week and makes you feel better. And we don’t want to lose you either – we love you and your family being in our sessions or at our events. This way you have the freedom to pick a price that suits an ever-fluctuating household budget whilst not creating the same fluctuations in your schedule. You know we are here and we will welcome you always. 


If I can’t afford to contribute, do I need to show proof?

Absolutely not. It’s at your discretion. Artists and producers will make no distinction between anyone who has paid and has not paid. And we don’t need to know your reasons. That’s your business. Our business is providing you with the highest quality dance experience and we will do that for everyone regardless of whether they can contribute or not.


What if I want to contribute more than the price offered?

Thank you for believing in our work! There are multiple ways you can do this depending on the level you are thinking of. You could become a regular donor and sign up to a monthly direct debit at a level of your choice. Or you could simply bring a friend to a class! 


Are there any non-financial ways I can contribute?

If you’d like to contribute but don’t have the funds, why not consider joining our Dancing Friends volunteer scheme? We are always happy to receive messages from our participants letting us know how much they are enjoying our classes and events. If you’d like to share your experiences with us, get in touch.

If you would like to discuss any donation you may be considering, please email