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Limitless - Female Empowerment Project

Limitless: A Female Empowerment Creative Project
for young women aged 13 – 19 years

With young people’s use of social media increasing and our national obsession with reality TV and celebrity culture showing no sign of abating, this project sets out to explore issues of body image, identity and self-confidence for young women in 2019.

We know that young women have more opportunities now than ever before to be problem solvers and to make the world a better place and yet we also know that the messages they receive about the role they can play in our future is confused.

Magazines, pop videos and social media bombard them with images of the type of women they feel they ‘should’ be. Some of these images are empowering, others not so and it is becoming increasingly complex for young women to navigate between the two.

Says blogger and TED speaker Courtney Martin “this is a generation of girls and young women who were told they could do anything and instead heard that they have to be everything.”

Limitless sets out to support young women to find their inner strength and balance this with their outer strength in order to find a ‘me’ they are happy with being.

• To increase self-expression using dance as a tool
• To create appreciation of the body and its capabilities
• To increase self confidence and self esteem
• To encourage young women to support and respect eachother

Project Structure
This fast-moving creative project will commence with a frank discussion about the issues facing young women of today and progress into task-based activities to help young women appreciate their own bodies and its capabilities and learn to respect each other and themselves.

Movement material will be used to express thoughts and feelings and this, along with observations and ideas will be shared at the end of the day with staff, parents and friends.

The project is made up of 6 'buiding blocks' of activity and creativity and we can provide you with a sample timetable, which can be adapted to work with a schools availability and facilities. It can be condensed into 6 sessions within a day, or expanded as your budget/timetable and facilities allow.

Price and Booking
To book please contact us or call 020 8293 9741 for more information.

We will provide two DBS checked artists but please note, we will require a member of your staff to be present to ensure safe ratios are in place and behaviour is managed.

Photo by Roswitha Chesher