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The Greenwich Dance podcast where artists come together to share practice, experience and inspiration.

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Talking Moves bonus episode: Arts Funding in Crisis with Nicholas Hytner and Tarek Iskander

Talking Moves | 27 July 2023

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Talking Moves Bonus Episode: Arts Funding in Crisis

Latest Episodes

Talking Moves Series 5 Episode 6: Making Positive Change

Featuring Valerie Ebuwa and Kwesi Johnson

Talking Moves | 08 July 2022

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Making Positive Change. Talking Moves title

Latest Episodes

Talking Moves Series 5 Episode 5: Parenting in the Arts

Featuring Robert Clark and Charlotte Vincent

Talking Moves | 24 June 2022

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Parenting in the Arts. Talking Moves title

Designed for dance professionals, we put artists centre stage, upfront, in the spotlight, at the microphone so they can talk about the ideas and issues that move them.

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Our First Episode

We released our first episode in October 2020, shortly before the UK entered its second lockdown. We spoke to artists John Darvell and Emma Houston about how they had survived the first lockdown. We were surprised to discover that Emma had contracted the virus and was slowly getting themselves back to physical fitness. And John told us about his hope that the pandemic would change the way people worked together in future.

Exhilarating or Exhausting title text

Featured Guest: Charlotte Vincent

Vincent Dance Theatre's Artistic Director Charlotte joins us for our episode on the challenges of being a parent whilst working in the arts. She talks us through some of the policies her company has adopted to better support parents which have come out of the need to support her own family as well as those of her workforce.

Charlotte Vincent. A woman with short grey hair holds a microphone up to her face

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Talking Moves Series 5 coming soon. Talking Moves logo with pink bars to look like a sound wave

Greenwich Dance announces series 5 of Talking Moves

13 April 2022
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Talking Moves returns for fourth series

23 September 2021
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Greenwich Dance launches third series of its Talking Moves podcast

28 April 2021