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Talking Moves Series 4 Episode 5: Breaking Through

Featuring Nafisah Baba and Katie Serridge

Talking Moves | 26 November 2021

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Latest Episodes

Talking Moves Series 4 Episode 4: Co-creating with Communities

Featuring Dan Canham and Nancy Hirst.

Talking Moves | 12 November 2021

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Latest Episodes

Talking Moves Series 4 Episode 3: Celebrating Diversity with Dance

Featuring Vicki Igbokwe and Shane Shambhu

Talking Moves | 29 October 2021

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Designed for dance professionals, we put artists centre stage, upfront, in the spotlight, at the microphone so they can talk about the ideas and issues that move them.

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Our First Episode

We released our first episode in October 2020, shortly before the UK entered its second lockdown. We spoke to artists John Darvell and Emma Houston about how they had survived the first lockdown. We were surprised to discover that Emma had contracted the virus and was slowly getting themselves back to physical fitness. And John told us about his hope that the pandemic would change the way people worked together in future.

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Featured Guest: Avatâra Ayuso

Avatâra Ayuso is a choreographer, Artistic Director of Ava Dance Company, a cultural leader and activist in the dance world. We spoke to her and choreographer Anna Williams about Women and Dance. Within an overwhelmingly female profession, it still feels largely led by men, particularly in creative and managerial roles. How has this come about and most importantly… what can we do about it?

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Latest Talking Moves News

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Talking Moves returns for fourth series

23 September 2021
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Greenwich Dance launches third series of its Talking Moves podcast

28 April 2021
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Greenwich Dance Announces Third Series of Talking Moves

03 March 2021

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