Professional Company Class with Mathieu Geffré

Days and Times

05-July Monday 10:00-11:30

06-July Tuesday 10:00-11:30

07-July Wednesday 10:00-11:30

08-July Thursday 10:00-11:30

09-July Friday 10:00-11:30


Charlton Assembly Rooms Charlton Assembly Rooms Charlton, The Village London SE7 8UD

Pricing options

£4.00 Full Price If you are able to pay full price, please do.

£2.00 Feeling the Pinch If you are having difficulty paying full price today, then have it half price on us.

£0.00 On The House We understand times are hard. Have this one on us and come back fighting tomorrow!

Mathieu delivers a training that allows dancers to remain versatile and available to different creative approaches. The class lightly borrows from the fundamental patterns of Cunningham technique, supported by a sensorial approach inspired by Fasciatherapy. We try to establish our sense of verticality without compromising the notion of movement. Supported by an important use of musicality, we intend to build a body that is centered, alert and in motion. Starting from simple standing exercises, the class slowly challenges the body’s reactivity to reach a state of virtuosic playfulness. Technical though accessible to all, the training is above all about connecting with the pleasure of motion. Photo: Nicole Guarino

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