ArtsUnboxed is a revolutionary new way of making and sharing dance.

Designed to tour ideas rather than people

The ArtsUnboxed website is populated with virtual boxes created by artists including AnatomicalJoss ArnottSarah BlancNOCTURNPervez Live2BreakTemujin Gill and Colleen Joseph.

Each box contains everything you need to stage a dance performance or participatory event using local artists, while still supporting the original creatives.

More about ArtsUnboxed

Joss Arnott Dance dancer with blue hair leaping

What’s in Your Box? Joss Arnott Dance

10 minutes with | 06 May 2021

ArtsUnboxed. A dancer in a doodled costume poses on a leather chair

What’s in Your Box? NOCTURN

10 minutes with | 16 April 2021

Anna Williams and Tom Roden jumping up with some children and cardboard boxes behind them

What’s in Your Box? Anatomical

10 minutes with | 09 April 2021

ArtsUnboxed News

NOCTURN's The RIDDLE for ArtsUnboxed

Discover a new way to safely and sustainably create and share dance as Greenwich Dance launches ArtsUnboxed

11 May 2021
A man in a yellow tshirt dances outside in the sunshine. Behind him is an old building and a crowd of people

ArtsUnboxed: Touring ideas, not people

15 March 2021
A woman with raised arms and a man crouching in front of a house

Greenwich Dance announces ArtsUnboxed

27 January 2021

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