Life in Lockdown: Aaron Vickers

Life in Lockdown | 11 May 2020

A man doing a handstand in Greenwich market


Life in Lockdown is a blog series initiated by Greenwich Dance which features community and professional arists close to the organisation sharing how they are staying creative during these isolating times.

The artists have been asked to log their day-to-day activity during lockdown. Heres a look at dance artist and movement coach, Aaron Vickers week!

Im a Dance Artist and Movement Coach based currently in London. As a dancer I have had the joy of creating, touring and working with companies and choreographers including Jean Abreu Dance, Marc Brew Company, Renaud Wiser Dance Company, Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Regionteater Väst and James Cousins Company.

I enjoy teaching across various institutions around the world and have linked up with Greenwich Dance in the past to deliver professional morning class and the outdoor conditioning class for dancers that used to run, as well some different local community projects here in Greenwich. As a coach I aim to strike a balance between focused training and playful movement, Looking at ways to create and breakdown movement patterns that allow you to be both strong and free, working to Connect the body, Build strength and Play with movement. You can check out my website here.


For me, the greatest thing about being in a studio is the inspiration I get from all those around me. So it’s important during this time that we look for that inspiration elsewhere… for me that elsewhere has always been the outdoors and the things that make me want to explore movement and what the body can do in different ways. So today it’s a tree and all the natural pathways and puzzles it throws up as you work your way up and around it. Great movement exploration as well as strength building. CONNECT the body, BUILD strength and PLAY with movement.


I thought about trying to recreate “singing in the rain” today but decided I’m not a great singer so instead went with “Skipping in the Rain”

Question: How do you train the thing you want to when you don’t have access to what you feel you need? Answer: think creatively! I don’t have access to ballet studio or the space on my kitchen to do petit allegro across the floor or access to the great ballet teachers I’m used to taking class with but what I can do is make sure my footwork stays sharp, my ankles stay strong, my calves stay firing on all cylinders, knees are healthy and Glutes active, so when I can get back in that studio I’m ready to go!!

In all seriousness though I’m glad I had GDA to be accountable to today as although I skip most days it was the first time it’s rained in a while and it’s easy to fall into a glum like energy state when you have limited outdoor space and the weather is all but saying “stay in bed”… But I’m glad I had to look for inspiration to move, put my hat on and got out in the rain 🙂


Today I took my training to a place usually crowded with visitors and took advantage of the calm. Handstand play… taking the time to bring balance, stability and stillness to a usually hectic and chaotic place (those that have ever been here on a Sunday lunchtime will fully understand). It’s been fun having the time to train a skill that helps keep my core engaged, shoulders mobile, wrists strong and mind active. Whilst not in use Greenwich Market is the perfect social distancing place to move and train. Definitely more than two meters distance from everyone on my one walk of the day. And even better I get to actually SEE the amazing space it is, having said this I miss the hustle and bustle of this amazing market, usually full of talented crafts people and amazing food vendors.

A man doing a hand stand in Greenwich Market
A man doing a handstand in Greenwich Market


Connect | Build | Play

Today was all about movement and the puzzles I can create for my body. Using my own little game of self isolation twister to keep my body mobile and playful. Most of my day was spent in front of a screen, online consultations for clients as a movement coach and training through a screen. But it’s so important for me to make time to be the student and keep learning about my own body. Looking for patterns, recognising them and then breaking them to find new ones. Go have a play and create your own movement puzzle.


More movement puzzles today, Taking advantage of the breaks in the rain to get outside and make use of the empty local park to train a little. Might not be able to move freely in a studio but I can move freely outside and build some strength and stability at the same time!! Being indoors so much and time in front of a screen has definitely had its advantages (finally got round to building a website with help from a friend and finishing some courses) but still trying to make the most of that one walk a day and look for some movement challenges along the way.

Stay safe and well!

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