Life in Lockdown: Thursday w/ Emma Houston

Life in Lockdown | 11 June 2020


A Week in My Mind

Day 4

Something that I’ve enjoyed immensely through this lockdown has been discovering all the woodland parks in my area. I am blessed to have 3 parks nearby and in those parks there’s a lot to discover. I feel like I’ve never appreciated the colours of nature so much before. I’d find myself exclaiming at the vibrancy and intricacy of the trees and feeling an immense presence and peace whilst walking and discovering. The walks in nature have taken me back to my childhood experiences of being in nature and going for holidays in the highlands of Scotland. Coincidentally (or not), going back to childhood and ‘retrieving’ memories and making connections have been a big part of things I’ve been processing through lockdown – returning and nurturing that inner child that can be switched off and forgotten as life happens and you get busy. This time has made me really awaken to priorities, to honour what comes up and heal through honouring it, and focus on what really matters. I had been saying for such a long time that I missed nature, and here I was with woodland parks outside my house that I hadn’t properly discovered yet until now.


As I live further out of London, I was used to so much commuting and getting home late at night. Being localised to the area for a few months has definitely made me want to find a better balance when and if things return to functioning somewhat like before.

Trees and ivy

So, a few things I’ve done to get creative: I taught myself to juggle (did I mention that before? I’m really quite impressed with myself).

I made a no rush challenge on my Instagram that I had a lot of fun making: A documentation of my various lockdown haircuts

I did a couple of interviews which some of you may find to be useful:

  1. Research into physical and mental well being of hip hop theatre with Hayleigh Sellors
    Part 1
    Part 2
  2. Making a living from Breaking with Bgirl Sessions

Again, I hope for this to be an open dialogue: I welcome any questions/thoughts/comments about what I’ve written today and over the last few days.

Lots of love!

Trees at sunset

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