Meet the Team: Barbara Koliadi

Meet the Team | 28 October 2019

Barbara Koliadi

Barbara Koliadi
Surrey Placement 2019

You are currently studying at University of Surrey BA(Hons) Dance. Tell us about your course? What does it entail?

Well, it is a 3-year course mixing both practical and theoretical studies. You could extend it for 4 years if you decide to take a placement year and work for a dance company like I did. The course gives you a wide range of dance styles to train on such us Contemporary release, Bharatanatyam, Ballet, Contemporary African and more. It also includes a choreography module which develops your choreographic skills and takes them one step further every semester. Through these past 2 years I have learned about how my body moves and works in space, music, time and in relation to others. It is a course that helps you choose your path in the marathon of life.

You have a work placement as part of the course and the recruitment/selection process is fun isn’t it…. a bit like speed dating in a way. You checked us out, we check you out, we both tell your tutors who we want to work with and they make the match. We thought you were bright, bubbly, enthusiastic and passionate and we sensed a hard-working streak immediately. What was it about us that you liked?

Haha… yes, I guess you could say it was like speed dating. Before we actually go through this process, they gave us a list of companies and we had to have a look at them and actually see which one we really liked. You were my first choice because, by my research, I didn’t just see a company I saw a family that works together to achieve a goal. I loved that your main work is based on and around the community. The idea of creating a dance community of people that differ in age, backgrounds and experience amazed me. As soon as I saw all the above and got to talk to you through the few minutes we had during the process, I said to myself that I really wanted to be part of this lovely family.

What have been your first impressions of the team?

Everything that I said at the previous question I saw them coming true. When I first came you and the entire team were so happy to see me and meet me. You all immediately took me in the family. Everyone was helpful, caring and helped me out whenever I needed it. I have never seen more hard-working people than you lot. I know you had a fall but seeing how you managed and got up on your feet again… it is inspiring.

What have you been working on so far?

I have been working on a lot of stuff connecting all the roles such as helping organizing events, doing some marketing for our free dance programme and doing research for schools etc. However, so far, I have been focusing a lot on this big fundraiser event called Greenwich Dance: A Rosé Future that is happening on the 9th November. That includes doing marketing, admin and producing for it.

Is there anything you feel you have learned/had an insight in already within this short time?

Yes, even though it has been a month and a half ish I feel I have learned quite a lot. I have learned how quick things have to be done and how stressful organizing something can be, which helped me develop my organizing skills, but it is nice that we all help each other out and everything turns out ok.

If Greenwich Dance let you go back to uni in July, and that’s dubious as we may steal you, where do you want to take your learning and go next?

Hahaha, to be honest with you I don’t know yet. I hope to find out what I want to do through the placement year with you. But one thing is for sure that I want to share my passion and enthusiasm with and in the community. I want to help others communicate, socialize and take care of their health through dance.

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