What to Watch

What to Watch | 17 August 2020

This week, we bring you a What to Watch ballet special! Here are five incredible dance films by ballet companies all over the world.

Catch It While You Can

1. Northern Ballet - Dracula

We’re starting our tour of international ballet companies right here in the UK with Northern Ballet’s full length version of Dracula. Catch it on BBC iPlayer for the next 9 months. Here’s the trailer!


Under 5 Minutes

2. New York City Ballet - Ces noms que nous portons

Sticking with North America, we head now to New York and this spine tingling solo performed by Taylor Stanley and choreographed by Kyle Abraham. Set to Erik Satie’s haunting score, Stanley’s performance takes place outside the company’s iconic Lincoln Center home in NYC.


Dance On Screen

3. National Ballet of Canada - Siphe y Moi

This particular dance film from National Ballet of Canada is so stylish we couldn’t not include it. If anyone knows where Siphe gets his shirts, please let us know!


Created in Quarantine

4. Joburg Ballet - The Corona Suite

Heading over to South Africa now and Joburg Ballet present their response to Coronavirus. Performed to music created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology who created the “sound” of the virus, this film takes you inside the houses of the dancers and features an introduction by the company’s Artistic Director.


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