What to Watch

What to Watch | 21 June 2021

Take a look at this week’s selection of carefully curated dance films. Enjoy!

Catch It While You Can

1. The Place - Frame Rush Festival

Frame Rush is The Place’s annual screen dance festival, showcasing films that challenge the boundaries of what we perceive as dance on screen. The festival takes place online from 2 – 4 July to engage global audiences with a collection of international dance films and artist Q&As. Book tickets and watch the trailer:


Dance On Screen

2. Ishariah Johnson AKA Stormskater

Check out this love letter to the London Skate community by Stormskater via Nowness. Whilst not strictly dance, this beautifully evocative film has made us desperate to have a roller-boogie through our local park!


Feature Length

3. English National Ballet - Slow TV: Making a Tutu

From 22 June, you can watch Federica Romano, Costumier at English National Ballet, make a 10-layer pancake tutu base. Filmed over the course of 3 days, the 40-min Slow TV film shows all the intricate work that goes into making a tutu. Beautiful!


Dance Explainer

4. Boston Ballet - Inside Look at choreographer William Forsythe

Explore William Forsythe’s singular style and undeniable energy through the eyes of his closest colleagues and experts in the arts. A New York Times critic, Harvard University educator, and fellow choreographer share how he inspires them.


Under 5 Minutes

5. Philip Rachid - No Body

This experimental short film is based on the expression through street arts. Including pioneering street artists from different parts of the globe. Written, Spoken, Directed & Edited by Philip Rachid – A half Bulgarian / Half Iraqi Kurdish film maker with roots in Hip Hop, while growing up in Amsterdam. We’ll be premiering Philip’s latest film, It Ain’t Where You From on our Facebook page at 5pm on 22 June as part of Shubbak Festival.


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