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What to Watch | 26 July 2021

What to Watch turns 60! Check out this week’s list of awesome dance to watch online…

Created in Quarantine

1. Company of Elders - Relive

During lockdown, Company of Elders – Sadler’s Wells’ resident dance company for over 60s – have been working remotely with choreographer Eleesha Drennan to explore their relationships to memory and time.


Under 5 Minutes

2. James Cousins - LoveSick: Varla

In a collaboration with choreographer James Cousins, London-based director Denna Cartamkhoob captures an intimate love story told through dance. Speaking of the performance Cartamkhoob explains: “I felt very moved by the duet performed in the film by the two dancers, Chihiro and Gareth. Essentially it’s a love story, going through extremes and complexities—experiences which are universal to all of us.”


Feature Length

3. New Movement Collective - Please Be Seated

NMC’s Please Be Seated follows a young man whose flippancy gets him expelled from the system and marginalized within the state. The work presents us with a communal/totalitarian society, which can only operate through group consensus but in which the needs of the individual also clamour for acknowledgement.


Dance Explainer

4. New York City Ballet - Jerome Robbins

A look at Jerome Robbins’ extraordinary body of work for New York City Ballet, bridging Broadway and ballet like no other choreographer before or since.


Dance On Screen

5. Breakin' Convention - This is why... WE BREAK

A short, spoken word, breaking film by Emmanuel Adelekun, reflecting the raw, visceral side of the hip hop-born dance and art form, as well as showcasing the intricate beauty and details in the way that B-Boys and B-Girls move.


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