What to Watch August

What to Watch | 02 August 2021

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Dance on Screen

1. Lucca Lutzky and Kieran Dowling - Mechanical Animal

Mechanical Animal is a performance film staged in three fluid chapters about physical and spiritual liberation. It is a collaboration between director Lucca Lutzky, musician Kieran Dowling, and features dancer and model Sonya Mohova.


Under 5 Minutes

2. Scottish Ballet - The Shimmering Extraordinary: Nikita

“When I do drag, I feel more open, exciting, and it’s easier to just show who I am.”

Nikita Gold is a prolific dancer with killer moves and great taste in music and fashion. She is a classic queen with outfits to die for. Nikita likes to storm stages around the world, wowing audiences wherever she goes. Commissioned as part of Scottish Ballet’s Safe to Be Me™ Festival 2021.


Feature Length

3. The New Yorker - Flamenco Queer

In the film “Flamenco Queer,” by Ana González and Frederick Bernas, a queer man’s lifelong passion for flamenco comes out after decades of hiding feminine impulses in a conservative society with rigid cultural traditions.


In Case You Missed It

4. Breakin' Convention - Betty Blues

Breakin’ Convention released a new one shot film just last week. A quartet of women brought together by choreographer Gemma Hoddy perform a sassy blend of iconic jazz dance shapes, punctuated by furious popping technique. A homage to the classic generation of musical theatre, if Bob Fosse met Popin’ Pete, accompanied by jazz samples with thumping hip hop beats by Mikey J Asante.


Dance Explainer

5. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - A Day in the life of an Ailey Student

Ever wonder what it would be like to train with this incredible company? Take a look at this super quick film and find out!


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