What to Watch June 2022

What to Watch | 01 June 2022

Summer is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to check out our newest compilation of dance films, documentaries and feature lengths? This month’s edition includes the second part of behind the scenes from The Motion Dance Collective (check out part 1 if you haven’t already!), a new category called “Dance Documentary” featuring a piece from Alleyne Dance, a beautiful dance film from ballet LORENT in celebration of International Women’s Day, a feature length from National Youth Dance Company and Alesandra Seutin, and a short from James Cousins in case you missed it when it was released. What would you like to see featured on next month’s edition? Let us know! #GDWhatToWatch


Under 5 Minutes

1. Vibes - The Motion Dance Collective & Pavilion Dance Digital

This is the second part of a three part series called VIBES – a project by Pavilion Dance South West and The Motion Dance Collective, with Deaf Men Dancing. VIBES is an exploration of what happens when a deaf dancer, Vibrotactile floor and body percussion intersect.

A story in 3 parts, these behind the scenes films show what happened during a 4 day R&D at Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth. Enjoy watching the second part of this series – and don’t forget to check out the other two!

With direction and choreography by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter, performed by Hearns Sebuado and Omari ‘Motion’ Carter.


Feature Length

2. Speak Volumes - National Youth Dance Company & Alesandra Seutin

Courtesy of Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage, Speak Volumes is a short dance film directed by Ben Williams with choreography by Alesandra Seutin. It follows on from the live performance created by the 29 dancers of the National Youth Dance Company in collaboration with Guest Artistic Director Alesandra Seutin. In this iteration the choreography by Alesandra Seutin is re-enacted in a disused school building.

You can watch the trailer below, and link to watch the 11-minute film both with and without audio description here.


Dance Documentary

3. Far From Home Documentary - Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance presents, Far From Home (FFH), a new dance production that explores the topic of immigration & the consequences the search for “a better life” has for those forced to seek it due to social or political devastations.  Performed by a cast of 6 professional performers and a supporting cast made up of non-professional movers recruited from the local community, the ensemble of performers will highlight the emotional and mental stresses of migrant families, as well as the impact on local communities where migrants “settle”, as we unpick the meaning of tolerance and practice of integration.

Below is a documentary about the work and the piece, and you can see a trailer for the piece here, which will premiere at The Place in London in November 2022.


Dance On Screen

4. Fantaisie - ballet LORENT

ballet LORENT presents the piece Fantaisie, created for International Women’s Day 2022. The theme for International Women’s Day ’22 was ‘Break the Bias’.

“The qualities of sensuality, charisma and elegance stay with a woman, whatever her age.
I don’t see many representations of women as vital and sexually relevant post the age of 50.
The sophistication and physical nuance and understanding of ones’ body is often celebrated in men, but I think it is underrepresented in women, and I don’t understand why.” Liv Lorent.

Performed by dancer Caroline Reece, choreographed by Liv Lorent, with film and editing by Emily Crozier.


In Case You Missed It

5. The Secret of Having it All - James Cousins

We will be ending our compilation with this short dance film from James Cousins.
‘Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.’ – Hermann Hesse
“The Secret of Having It All delves into our moments of choice. When all has been said, do we hold on, or accept the end. Sometimes it’s out of our control, sometimes it’s about who we are inside, and other times, it’s not about ending at all but finding a whole other way of being… and beginning again.”
Choreographed by James Cousins, performed by George Frampton and photo by Josha Eiffel.


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