8 Tender Solitudes – A Film by Fevered Sleep

Fevered Sleep 8 Tender Solitudes

8 Tender Solitudes is a short dance film made during the third UK lockdown in early 2021, evoking what we lost when we were no longer able to touch. It was created in collaboration with seven extraordinary dancers, each performing alone.  Featuring a soaring score by composer Kate Whitley, it’s made from yearning and sensuality, anger and frustration, grief, memory and love.

Over the last year, we’ve had to learn new ways to connect with our friends and our loved ones.  We’ve met each other at a distance, but rarely skin to skin. We’ve become fearful of breath, hugging and intimacy, and we’ve thought we might never be touched again.  When we’ve lived like this for so long, can touch ever be the same?

Please note that this film contains flashing images. If you’d like to talk to someone about your access needs or you have any other questions please contact the filmmakers at admin@feveredsleep.co.uk

This film is free to access.  Any donations made will be shared between the artists.