The Perfect Picnic – Rare Italian Wine

Festivals | 16 May 2023

The Perfect Picnic - Rare Italian Wine. A bottle of Fuorilemura

Summer in the Park is back! And this year, we’re offering you some inspiration to jazz up your picnic basket by approaching some of the leading chefs, restaurants and food services in Greenwich & Bexley.

This week’s picnic inspiration comes from Rare Italian Wine who have also generously offered a bottle of Fuorilemura Rosato (pictured above) for our Picnic in the Park raffle.

Setting the picnic scene…

From May to September Italian’s are lucky enough to enjoying some of the simplest and best food and wine al fresco! The park, terrace, beach and outdoor spaces in general become the dining room for a nation of lovers of fresh area, time and time with friends to balance the pressures of the modern world. Greenwich park and other wonderful local spaces with wonderful food and drink is like having all of that on your doorstep!

The Perfect Picnic

What could be better than some fresh seafood washed down with a crisp Italian spumante or a wonderful fruity rosato wine; and if BBQ or spicy food is the order of the day, then what could be better than a deep spicy Primitivo or Negroamaro from Salento, or a Gaglioppo or Narello Mascalese!

The perfect authentic Italian picnic should include a full spread of pasta salads, antipasto, salami and capicola, fresh fruits, crusty bread and great wine!

Who's Who

Rare Italian Wine

Rare Italian Wine offers high quality wines made in small quantities generally not available outside of the local area of Italy where they are made as we have access to wineries that would not normally export their wines. We choose to partner with only the wineries that we consider to make the best wines that represent the type and style of wine that come from a particular wine region.

We are very selective about who we buy wine from and the wine makers that we work with are either small family run vineyards or small consortiums of wine producers that make quality wines that are perfectly balanced without all the normal characteristics of poorly made wine.

We look closely at sustainability and all of our wines are produced biodynamically and are either certified or practicing organic – they are all low intervention and mostly natural as that is how the best wine is made.

We also producer our own selection of wine called NUMERO which is a choreography of the best signature wines from 20 wine growing regions of Italy.

All of our wines are on our website with tasting notes from you to choose from, and we can either deliver in person or post. If you want to find out more, or discuss how we can provide wine for a business of private event then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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